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Marak candles were made to bring fine fragrance, warmth & inspiration into your everyday. 


An expression of creativity and individuality, they came out of an assignment while I was taking a course in natural fragrances at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery to compose five original scents. 


The middle of five, I drew inspiration from my siblings’ favorite places, music and interests; their style, homes and partners — and thought of how all of that would translate into scent.  


To bring these fragrance compositions to life, I worked with fragrance consultant Ann Gottlieb, who is behind some of the most iconic scents for leading brands and perfume houses.


The beetle represents renewal and regeneration. I love the idea of fragrance bringing something new to customers’ homes, since scent is often associated with nostalgia and the past.

-Kate Mack

Photo by Tori Time 

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